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Tuition & Payment Policies

Registration Fee per year/per family - $40.00


Music Lessons - $35 per lesson $140 monthly – includes 4 half an hour Private lessons per month, scheduled the same time and day every week. (Open to ages 5-years-old to adults).

Drumline Academy - $12.50 per class $200.00 per semester - includes 4 months of classes. Classes are scheduled once a week, each class is 45 minutes in length, (Open to grades 3-8th).


Early-Aged Music Classes - $12.50 per class $200.00 per semester – includes 4 months of classes, plus book and materials. Classes are scheduled once a week, each class is 45 minutes in length, (Open to young learner’s ages 3 to 5 years old).

Jam Sessions - $12.50 per session $200.00 per semester - includes 4 months of sessions. Sessions meet once a week, each session is 45 minutes in length, (Open to students with prior playing experience).

*After-School Performance Academy & Lessons - $20 per day $540.00 monthly- includes After-School Performing Academy plus a weekly one on one private lesson on instrument of choice. (Open to grades K-8th). We recommend that all students enrolled in After-School take private lessons as well, unless they have previous experience.


After–School Performance Academy Only - $20 per day $400 monthly – includes Monday – Friday daily participation in our After-School Performing Academy, but with without private lessons, only group lessons. (Open to grades K-8th).




 Making payments to Hillcrest School of Music:

  • All payments are made online through your Hillcrest online account. Our preferred method of payment is an Echeck (also known as bank draft).  Hillcrest also accepts Credit Cards. Personal checks and cash.

  • Once you enroll on our website, Hillcrest will process your $40 non-refundable yearly registration fee and your monthly payment. Hillcrest will apply any applicable sibling discounts.

  • Monthly Payments for Tuition:  Monthly payments will be automatically drafted the first Monday of the month.


  • Declined Payments:  You are responsible for updating your payment method and keeping it current.  If your on-line payment is declined, you will be charged a $25 non-payment fee and will be subject to a $25 late fee if the account is not brought current within the week.

  • If your account becomes two-weeks past due, your child will not be able to attend aftercare until your account becomes current.



Tuition is NOT Pro-rated for missed days; including days missed due to inclement weather, holidays, travel, illnesses, withdrawal from the school, or days that school is not in session. (Exceptions are Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, February Break, Spring Break and The Last Week of School)


Early Release Days, half days, and may be an additional cost.


Late Pick-Up Fee:  The After-School Program ends promptly at 6:00 pm. A late fee of $1.00 per minute per student will be charged starting at 6:01 pm. 


Excessive Late Pick-ups may result in a student not being allowed to remain in the Programs.



The student will contact the teacher by phone if they expect to be late for a scheduled lesson.  

If a student arrives after their scheduled lesson time has begun, the teacher will complete the lesson in the remaining portion of the time slot.  Additional time for student tardiness is not guaranteed. 

If the teacher arrives after a scheduled lesson has begun, the teacher will give additional time past the time slot to compensate for their tardiness with mutual acceptance of the student's schedule.    




Students needing to reschedule a lesson should let the teacher know at least a week in advance to ensure a time slot.   




Students must cancel lessons by phone or email with at least 24 hours notice.  Cancellations are considered excused for illness, family emergency, or severe weather (public school closures).  Excused cancellations with sufficient notification will be given a make-up lesson within the month or lesson credit towards the following month. No-shows, or cancellations without sufficient notification will not be given make-up lessons or lesson credits.    

The teacher may need to reschedule or cancel a lesson due to illness, family emergency, or performance engagements.  In this case, the teacher will provide a make-up lesson within the month or lesson credit towards the following month.


Make-Up Lessons/Lesson Credits


Only 3 excused cancellations will be allowed per academic year.  Excused cancellations will be given make-up lessons within the month or lesson credits towards the following month.  If a student cannot attend a scheduled make-up lesson, the lesson will be considered forfeited. Make-up lessons are not guaranteed and are subject to availability.  If a make-up lesson is not possible, a lesson credit will be applied toward the following month. After 3 excused cancellations, further cancelled lessons will be considered forfeited and will not be given make-up lessons, or lesson credits. 




Students should consult with the teacher if they are considering discontinuing lessons to make sure there are not areas that can be resolved.  If the student still decides to discontinue lessons, one month's notice is required.  The lessons remaining in that month will be finished out, or held for 6 months as credit in case of return.  There are no refunds for withdrawals.    



Instruments and additional materials are not included in tuition.  Students are expected to bring all necessary materials to their lessons. This includes their instrument, shoulder rest, rosin, cleaning cloth, assigned music, lesson notebook, and a pencil. Instruments can be rented and materials can be purchased from Hillcrest School of Music.

If a student is considering purchasing an instrument or graduating to a larger size instrument, the teacher must be consulted to ensure a proper instrument for the student.    




There will be two studio recitals given per year (one per semester), however, participation is NOT required, only strongly recommended.  A potluck reception will follow each recital. Additional fees will include hall rental and accompanist rehearsal time. Specifics will be provided closer to the recital date. 


Summer Lessons and Festivals


Lessons are expected to continue during the summer as long as the teacher and student are both in town.  The summer months are a wonderful chance to make great strides on an instrument, as school is not imposing on a student's time and mental energy.  Regular practice is still expected, though conditions where an instrument is not available due to travel are understood.  Students are expected to take their instrument with them to practice on long trips if at all possible.    

Students are encouraged to participate in summer music programs and festivals. The student is expected to consult with the teacher for their expert opinion regarding potential programs to ensure that the best decisions are made for the student's education.     

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